Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm always trying to win people to my side that it is waaaaay  more fun to create a look, rather than pick one off the rack. We have tons of fashionistas in Columbia, putting together unique outfits that you can't buy at the mall. Here are some ways I create fashionable looks rather than duplicate them.
Blog stalk!

Make sure you follow some pretty awesome bloggers! There are a PLETHORA of DIY refashionistas on the web. Pick a few you like, and when you get a creativity block, get on the internet!

Check out this chica, she is one of my favs.

Be resourceful!

Use a shirt you have not worn in the past few months, or years, and decide to make it into something else. We have all sorts of fabrics and styles of clothes that once were so near and dear to our hearts, only to be thrown aside because it doesn't fit the same, or your style has changed a bit. You can play around with a cut or style you are wanting to recreate and start cutting!

photo from Prayergrove (me)

Creative Details!

I cannot tell you how often i have take a scrap of fabric i just cut off my shirt and made it into an extra ruffle or flower to pin onto a shirt.. It adds so much character to a otherwise boring plain tee.

Resize and cut!

Its been extraordinarily inspirational to see different cuts in knit t shirts that make a totally different product. Even just taking a graphic off a smaller shirt and putting it onto a shirt that flatters your bod, is a unique way of decorating. Keep in mind, we have all sorts of fashions that are flowy and oversized. Picking a big plain t shirt  ( from say, your significant other's closet) and cutting a big neckline to show off your shoulders says "i love you" in a special way, because you are wearing their favorite band or team! (or whatever)

Photo cred goes to Cotton and Curls blog!

Utilize those scraps!

Ok, so quilting is totally in! make a goal to make a big bag to carry around town by quilting your favorite special patterned scraps together. I promise  you will get all the compliments on it! (don't forget a liner!) Also, one of my favorite skirts to see recently was made my Whimsy Vintage from our handmade market! She used a skirt that was plainer and added some yoyos to it using different pattern cloth... ADORABLE!

got this pic from the awesomeCoMO collective! Skirt by Whimsy Vintage
What piece of clothing do you want to use for the next upcycle!