Sunday, August 19, 2012

Baby Session

My friend, Hiliary, wanted me to take some pictures of her daughter within her first year! Since we recently have been experiencing some mild summer weather, we decided to head over to Devil's Ice Box to get forest and rocks in the background. I also brought an old pretty quilt and fun sewing hoop with a heart of buttons for her to look at. She wanted to pull them off! too bad for her, they were super-glued into place. We only got her undivided attention for 15 minutes, so not too many pics were taken...second session will take place soon :) Here's the cutie:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New dress!

I wanted to post pictures of my latest creation. I'm very pleased with how this one came out. it's very bright pink, but I'm told I am young enough to pull it off, still.. 

I wanted to make a simple dress, and of course, I'm way too lazy most of the time to pull out a pattern. I used my measurements, specifically, my waist, and the length from my natural waist to my knee.Everything else was 'winging it', and it turned out to be slightly loose, which is optimal for me. Some things I may add in the future: side hidden pockets, pleats, and if I use non-knit fabric, i will def need a zipper.

The dress is divided into two parts; the bodice and the skirt part. I then sewed them together. The skirt is a two-layer circle skirt, making it very full.  The bodice did include some other measurement; measured from the neckline to natural waist, and then across my shoulders. I cut out the neckline, (a deep back, love that!). I just recommend making everything symmetrical by folding your cloth in half... and since it's knit, no need for hemming on the entire dress. I will prob add some ribbon or something on the back, to hold the two sides together, since, if slouch (which i do a lot) my sleeves fall a bit.

the pictures aren't great, but, i have to have some!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New face to my blog

So, it's raining sleet today. I wanted to make my blog a little more 'spring' looking, since the weather has been so lovely up until today.

I also wanted to add topical tabs for anyone visiting. Unfortunately, two of my posts got wacked out of order. My last post is "trading one for another".  "I have a new sewing machine" was from last year, after Mother's Day, and the next "christmas pictures" was from this past Christmas... what a cluster cuss.

ok, i hope you like the new face of my blog. I thought it was pleasant.

I have a sewing machine again!! :)

I am so happy, I have a brother back in my possession. Over Mother's Day weekend, my wonderful, amazing mother traded out the old one I was bequeathed, for her new one. She is so thoughtful and kind, she knows how much I love to sew, and how poor I am! So, now I have something to continue sewing ....

I wanted to touch on a couple of things in this blog post. First, my mom is awesome, as stated before!

Second, with the gracious gift of my mother, I am now able to sew. And I have discovered a super cute chica who is self-proclaimed poor lady herself, who loves to refashion clothing, she has a group called refashion nation and is a seamstress. Also, please check out her blog, and get some grand ideas.

One of my favorite items to sew are skirts, so this skirt is amazing! :)

Adorable right? let me know what you think...

christmas pictures...

It's been such a long time since I have written for this blog. A lot of the time it's because I am not interested in posting my thoughts. Altho, recently I added a twitter account to my social media, so if im posting stuff there, im sure i can post here. if you are interested visit here.

Anyways, i wanted talk about my recent endeavor of purchasing a new camera. Right now, i got my sights set on D7000 and am looking more into D90 that a couple of friends have. I am more interested in the d7000, but who knows. So how am i raising money to support the upgrade of the next level (or 2) up from my existing camera? Why of course! I am offering Christmas pictures to friends and family. Fun stuff. I think the most challenging part right now, is knowing that I am not close to being able to pay for this expensive camera... But, one step at a time, right? My goal is to have my new camera, and a 50mm 1.4 (or 1.8) lens for it by March. Why? because, i want to be able to shoot as second for bud of mine, should he call. 

Keith, (this bud of mine) has been teaching me about photography since March, and actually lets me shoot weddings with him. Crazy idea, right? So, a year from that date, i would like to start actually being an asset to him in that arena. And, in doing so, being an asset for my own money making, for my family, so me and jeremy can continue to pay off debt to get to THE MISSION FIELD. where ever God may call us to.

so, all this rambling, and i just want to leave you with my new picture site. Let me know what you think! one of the ways that i have continued to grow, is by having people critique me. (it sucks but is sooo necessary).  And, should you be interested, don't hesitate to contact me if you want affordable pictures of your family or friends, or whatever :)

ps, here are some random pics from thanksgiving while we were at some stables. Jeremy's sister has a bunch of horses and gives lessons. she is also a equine therapy trainer, taking girls that have been abused and giving them a way to process through some of those painful experience while riding horses, grooming them, training. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

trading one for another

I'm exploring the physical benefits from going on a mostly vegan diet throughout the week. I say 'mostly' because, i still eat cheese or a cookie etc, a couple times a week. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes just because I'm ignorant of what foods have non vegan items in it.

The reason Jeremy and I started to do this diet is because we watched a documentary 'Fork over Knife' that tells of the benefits of changing your diet to wholefoods and plant-based consumption. One phrase they said over and over again, was 'eat to live, not live to eat'. I realize this concept is not ground breaking, but through starting the diet and remembering that phrase when I want* to eat a plate of cheesyness, I see that the main reasons I choose to eat unhealthy (and therefore unbalanced overall) is because I am pleasure-seeking. Let me reiterate. I eat not just to feed my needs, but I eat to seek pleasure.

I have seen how the idea of pleasure-seeking and idolatry are often tied together. While on this diet, I have tried to eat healthy and make fun shakes. But, I still can enjoy red wine (which i LOVE!). So, now red wine has become an even greater desire to consume than before. It's funny, because the challenging thought is not, 'how long can you withhold meat and cheese, and processed foods?', the question that i struggle with is, 'What do i want more than God to fulfill me?'.

for the past week, i have heard all sorts of conversations about one vice being better than another. Someone at work says, 'why don't chocoholics get grief like the people with gambling problems', or, i was watching all these young people at the T/F film fest inhale cigarettes, knowing full well they are blatantly bad for you, even though these are some of the most creative and brightest thinkers and probably vegan (haha). They live a life devoted to evolving their minds, and yet hinder their bodies! I think this leads me to believe that many people, they are ok with one vice over another. they can replace one habit, with another bad habit that is just as harmful, but less shameful/taboo in their own eyes.

Since when was being a lush or a glut something to be proud of? But, for some reason, we are less likely to hold each other accountable in this sin than if someone was sleeping around, being unfaithful? And, more importantly, hold ourselves accountable for those thoughts and actions.  My friend Matt, an art professor and philosophical thinker ;) , was telling me about how the entire concept of John Piper's book 'Pleasures of God' was that we were made for pleasure. But, you know, we often replace our deep rooted desires for lesser things. All desires and pleasure can be met in God. I'm not voting for asceticism. False religion, right ?(col 2:23) I think God gave us amazing things like chocolate and red wine , and sex and beautiful art. But, these are mediums for us to experience God in, and thank Him for...

so, what am I saying here? before I pick up a glass of red wine, or flip on the tube to escape stress, I would like to face reality, head on. The fact is, I do need comfort, peace, and sanity. However, how i get those must be focused on a lasting and restorative fulfillment in God.

my philosophy is this; a drowning person, striving to reach the surface, will be content with smoke-filled air. They may not realize they are slowly killing themselves through suffocation. But, if you give them fresh air, they can fully recover.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Understanding photography-Keith Montgomery

My friend keith, from has recently taught his first class at the University!

Wow, i do get taught by one of the best!

I wanted to put his slideshow up, because it's really helpful for how to take good ol' pictures... There are also good quotes and examples on there of awesome photography. Even though I wasn't able to enjoy the lesson in person, the slideshow is awesome.

Enjoy here...this might be my favorite slide. Makes a good point, right?

what was your favorite slide?


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pictures* and friends...

Last blog was about going out to the district and taking pics while going over basic functions of our cameras. It was a fun time, I think i will be up for another with a smaller group next time! We spent two hours talking and walking and clicking..

Here are some of the places we went!

We ran into "Redball" who specializes in Parcore

He did some flips for us, very fun to watch

love the columns of color here!

recycle bins

beam of light

Even though it's cliche, we took pics of our lovely campus columns

I had a great time with the ladies. They were all very photogenic subjects for me to practice on! :) hopefully, we will get to do it again soon!