Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New dress!

I wanted to post pictures of my latest creation. I'm very pleased with how this one came out. it's very bright pink, but I'm told I am young enough to pull it off, still.. 

I wanted to make a simple dress, and of course, I'm way too lazy most of the time to pull out a pattern. I used my measurements, specifically, my waist, and the length from my natural waist to my knee.Everything else was 'winging it', and it turned out to be slightly loose, which is optimal for me. Some things I may add in the future: side hidden pockets, pleats, and if I use non-knit fabric, i will def need a zipper.

The dress is divided into two parts; the bodice and the skirt part. I then sewed them together. The skirt is a two-layer circle skirt, making it very full.  The bodice did include some other measurement; measured from the neckline to natural waist, and then across my shoulders. I cut out the neckline, (a deep back, love that!). I just recommend making everything symmetrical by folding your cloth in half... and since it's knit, no need for hemming on the entire dress. I will prob add some ribbon or something on the back, to hold the two sides together, since, if slouch (which i do a lot) my sleeves fall a bit.

the pictures aren't great, but, i have to have some!

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