Thursday, March 8, 2012

I have a sewing machine again!! :)

I am so happy, I have a brother back in my possession. Over Mother's Day weekend, my wonderful, amazing mother traded out the old one I was bequeathed, for her new one. She is so thoughtful and kind, she knows how much I love to sew, and how poor I am! So, now I have something to continue sewing ....

I wanted to touch on a couple of things in this blog post. First, my mom is awesome, as stated before!

Second, with the gracious gift of my mother, I am now able to sew. And I have discovered a super cute chica who is self-proclaimed poor lady herself, who loves to refashion clothing, she has a group called refashion nation and is a seamstress. Also, please check out her blog, and get some grand ideas.

One of my favorite items to sew are skirts, so this skirt is amazing! :)

Adorable right? let me know what you think...

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  1. Hello. I love her blog as well and joined her group! That's how I found you! Happy Sewing! -C.C.