Friday, February 25, 2011

new crafts, home decor ;)

 I made some new crafts!! Decorative coasters :) I would like to work on some table runners as well as throw pillows. It should be fun!

The coasters are made out of scrap material from a batch of home decorating upholstery my brother donated to Prayergrove. The colors are fun and the prints trendy.

That is it for now! I added some pictures of Jeremy's (my hubby) 25th bday! I am so impressed, I made improv icing from sesame paste added
to the vanilla icing. We enjoyed fun-fetti cake, yum! You can see Jeremy working on
 his "Warhammer 40K" models while I took this picture...hence, the cake with an ax :)

What special thing have you done this week for a loved one? It matters! :)

Cute Coasters

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

re-purposed fabric, appliques, and purpose

I have found what I want to focus on most! In addition to the promotion of women Fair Trade items and justice, I would like the theme of my items to be re-purposed fabric! I have spent so many years in the past idolizing over the latest fashions that are exorbitantly priced. I now want to put an emphasis on creation that shows personality, using fabric that we already have. It may not always be possible, but I love the idea and want to pursue it.
I also love appliques too. I think it adds a focus to the item, something cute and unique. I am really into color coordination, and trying interesting mixes of patterns. I try to make appliques with these thoughts in mind.

Well, here goes; Spring is on its way!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day in Columbia

It's snow day in Columbia. Most major and small business' have closed due to the blizzard that is dumping up to 29 inches in our area, and across Missouri. It's exciting! Jeremy and I are spending this time to work on our house, our taxes and of course our crafts.

I finished a couple of projects today. Jeremy helped me paint eyes on the white buttons I used as eye balls for the owl scarf I made. He also helped me model my new messenger bag. I'm going to take both to Maude V to sell.

But Today, I wanted to show you the products!
I made this bag out of a pair of pants!

my husband, and the strap of the bag