Friday, February 25, 2011

new crafts, home decor ;)

 I made some new crafts!! Decorative coasters :) I would like to work on some table runners as well as throw pillows. It should be fun!

The coasters are made out of scrap material from a batch of home decorating upholstery my brother donated to Prayergrove. The colors are fun and the prints trendy.

That is it for now! I added some pictures of Jeremy's (my hubby) 25th bday! I am so impressed, I made improv icing from sesame paste added
to the vanilla icing. We enjoyed fun-fetti cake, yum! You can see Jeremy working on
 his "Warhammer 40K" models while I took this picture...hence, the cake with an ax :)

What special thing have you done this week for a loved one? It matters! :)

Cute Coasters

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