Friday, October 28, 2011

loving fall ... stick wreath

It's been a long time since I have been on here. Mostly because I got a new job a few months back, and had taken on a couple things that reduced my productivity in the craft world.

I missed it, as I have been perusing Pinterest, getting awesome DIY project ideas. I figured I would try this one, which seemed so sweetly fall. Here is how my twig wreath turned out!

Look how pretty the crisp fall sky looks... the trees are orange and red and lovely.

these were the tools i needed:

scrap cloth ( i used ripped up sheets)
hotglue gun
circle/doughnut shaped cardboard cutout
sharp knife
ribbon to hang wreath

Basically, i took twigs from my backyard and broke them down to size, about 9-12". I then made a doughnut cardboard cut out from a old box. I hotglued the sticks around the circle cardboard. I then made the rosettes from long skinny peices of fabric (about a 1/2" thick, and maybe 3-4 ft. long). I twisted the cloth around to make shape of rose. Here is a tutorial. :)

I hotglued those to the sticks (to cover the parts that had cardboard showing through a bit).

So fun, now i have a Fall and Christmas looking wreath, i will probably add some distince berries to the wreath soon.

Hope you can make one, its super natural, easy and cheap!