Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fun new things!

 My newest creations have been satchels and messenger bags. It has been really fun to create with one my favorite "mascots", the tiny bird, as you can see on these bags. I started off with the one to the left, because it was super spunky, it reminded me of my friend Brooke, who we argue has color coordinations that I would never pick ;) so,, I made her a bag that was  ( i thought, at least) mixing colors that were fun and young, just like her!
 The messenger bag to the right was made out of a big skirt, reinforced by some thick cloth, silvery blue on the inside. I love to reuse fabric, so I try to make that a huge point to look through all my garments, as I am color coordinating with other fabric. It's a fun challenge!

As you can see, I have started stitching my name, Prayergrove, in cursive on my bags... I thought it was a nice, homemade touch!

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