Tuesday, January 10, 2012

i'm thankful for my family

I know it's not Thanksgiving,  but there's never a time like the present to talk about how thankful you are... and especially for your family. By the way, I have a great one. For Christmas, jeremy and i got to visit in st louis and stay with my folks. I also got to see some beloved friends, Rachel, Audrey, and Julie-dearest. I was very thankful for that time, and was so encouraged by those beautiful ladies... But, back to my family... here are some pics i got to take. I am blessed to say, that they each have had big roles in me learning about Christ and becoming a Christian.  I can say with praise to God, that my parents and my brothers have a strong faith in the Lord, and I have seen them grow in many ways in their faith. wow. it's just awesome to see it!

Ah! so funny, Adam made a fort for 'Quelf' game.


  1. yeah, i do see it/get that a lot :)She is a beautiful woman!

  2. hhehe, that sounded conceited. I really just mean that she is beautiful... and i agree we do look similar. :)