Friday, January 27, 2012

cameras and friends

I have the fun opportunity to go down to the District tomorrow with a few friends from Karis. We will be talking about our DSLR cameras, and try to bring basic knowledge to the complexity of those mysterious things ;)

It's been really fun the last year to get acquainted with Jeremy's old camera. I took it to Rio on our trip with our church, and got to capture amazing sites and people. It was another pivotal experience in my life, for sure. You can see those pics here or read a little about it here. All that to say, after i got back, I wanted to find out more about my camera and how to use it. My buddy Keith  became my photography sensei, and i have since photographed a few weddings, seen some awesome couples makeout in front of the camera, taken crazy kids pictures and overall have had a good time bending my mind backwards trying to learn. It's been good stuff. So, tomorrow, i get to share what knowledge i have acquired with a couple of ladies just starting out! I also have invited a couple of friends that also have been taking pictures for a longer time than me, it will be good to have the ol' pros offer some artistic insight, they are pretty awesome. holler margo and rachel!

Some basic things we will go over:

ISO, wtf, right? it's 'like' this, but not quite... i have heard people try to explain this like they explain the Trinity.
Depth of Field

specifically, we will go over how to find these things on your camera, (we will have an array of different models present) and what they 'basically' do.

I suppose their are some other things we will talk about like; composition, how to hold your camera (like a sniper rifle,... basically), how to have your family dress for a picture, good places for creative photos (holla for keith), and of course we will be drinking coffee while doing all this ;)

I am really excited to meet up with some awesome chicas and do one of my favorites hobbies!

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