Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Repurposed Furniture!

I decided that in addition to making repurposed clothing and bags, I could also try my craftiness with some old furniture that we have in the house! It's not like we can afford to buy new stuff ;)

I have been especially inspired by which has all sorts of DIY projects from bloggers across the country. They also have some pretty amazing comeback stories of junky furniture under their "before and after" tab. I recommend you check it out! I started working on my old dresser, but I am not finished yet. I still would like to change out the hardware for the knobs, by painting the existing ones. I also would like to add a painted tree to mirror that is attached. I will upload some pics once I have are some of my process pics

I didn't like the knobs we bought, so I will paint the other ones with a design that matches the tree theme for the mirror, once it is all finished! :)

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