Thursday, April 28, 2011

with heart coming to Columbia!

I am incredibly honored and excited to be apart of the team that is making With Heart, which is Columbia's newest handmade market. What is different about With Heart you ask? The art community that is so unique to Columbia is what has inspired us, as well as all the individuals who are creating culture through their craft, giving it their all. We are asking crafters who have contemporary and unique style to be apart of this market so they can showcase themselves locally. 

We are are currently in the process of asking local companies to sponsor our event that will take place on June 25th of this year. It is fast approaching, and I get the opportunity to recruit crafters and artists of Columbia to be apart of our market. I learning more and more that the art community in Columbia is diverse and very gifted. One of the artist who's work I am especially drawn to is CoMod, visit here. What I love about this craft is the newness that he brings to an already amazing vintage piece.  The product is amazing, and you should check it out for yourself :)


Anyways, With Heart is coming to town, so get excited!

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