Thursday, May 5, 2011

DIY- Wall hangings, and scrap upholstery material

We just moved into our new home, in College Park, so cute, and in my opinion the best neighborhood in Columbia. We are Central to town, and still close to work. There are trees everywhere! It's like a forest by us.

One of the things that I have been excited about doing, is decorating. As I normally spend a few hours a day looking at blogs with amazing house ideas, and DIY projects, I get inspired to try all the new things I learn, or at least do my version of it ( I can't help it, I try to be resourceful by using what I already have). One of the fun things I have gotten to use my upholstery scraps (thanks Adam) for is to make some easy wall hangings. They are really simple, and if  you are like me, you can make all sorts of coordinating parts so that you can have a collage of wall hangings, or at least display coordinating colors.

All you need is :

-random cardboard, ( shoe box lids, jewelry boxes, old book boxes for single books, pretty much any box that has a fairly shallow depth to it)
-scraps of fabric, that you think will match or want to match ;)
-hot glue gun
-nails, or tacs since they aren't that heavy

I don't have the pics of putting it together, but I believe in YOU and your crafty ness, and plus, they are simple, so just emulate what you do when your wrapping a open face gift :)

As you can tell at the bottom, I have a lot more deco work to do:) I would love to see your finished collages, so post away!

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