Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Deco the furniture ;)

I promised back in my repurposed furniture post that I would send updated pics of my finished product once everything was put together. It was a lot of work to do the sanding, but it was worth it, as the decorum of the room is dark wood, and matches our bedding.

I didn't have contact paper for this project, so when I was making the tree stenciling on the mirror, I  used clear packing tape in strips at the places I wanted the shape of the tree.

Next, I took a brown eye/wax pencil to get the outline of the branches, how I wanted them to look.

I then used an exacto knife to get precisely on the those marks. Afterwards, I discarded the tape that was inside the tree/branches shape I had drawn.

Finally, I spray painted the inside brown. I discarded the rest of the tape after the paint dried.

Simple, right!?

Here it is!

Do you have any furniture that you are wanting to change up? Give me some ideas!

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