Monday, May 30, 2011

I had a knit pillowcase...

I haven't been able to use this pillowcase since I was 19 when I moved out from my folks house. I down sized my bed so this particular pattern for my bed was no longer usable. Since then, my tastes for home decor have changed quite a bit, but I noticed today that the pattern was very pretty and would make a good summer fabric!

I turned this pillow case into a summer tunic!

 I cut out the shape of the neckline of another tank i liked.
 Then i used the brown tank to get an idea of where the arm holes should be, too.

 It was big! so i had to resize.
I wanted to make some embellishments, so i gathered tightly some white cloth i had from my previous shirt DIY.
I added some darts by my arms, after sewing the sides in to fit me. I wanted the shirt to be like a tunic, so sewed down the sides to my natural waist, and then tapered down to my hips so it was looser.
After the shirt fit me, I added some definition to the shape by adding elastic under my bust, in the center.
I also made the gathered fabric into some flowers, which I can affix with a safety pin. 

What can you think of to make out of a pillowcase?

Have a happy Memorial Day!



  1. hey, I found this and thought of you...

    you are reading offbeat home right? you should be.

  2. offbeat does have a lot of amazing ideas! this is def one of them-thanks for the amazing tutorial!

  3. Hey, I'm your newest follower, I found you on Gussy Sews Community! Wow, that is a CUTE tank top! I could never do something like that - what a great idea :)


  4. Thanks Shabby life! i will check out your blog too! Gussy is amazing, im excited you found me via her blog:)

  5. This is a really creative idea!

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