Thursday, May 19, 2011

we dont have to have plain walls...

I spend a lot of time on DIY blogs, getting inspiration for what I want my living space to be. We just moved into a new space we really like, the only problem is that we are renters! so, we are not allowed to paint the walls. I wanted to find some pretty cool ways to go around this problem, and I am still researching... but should you find yourself in the same predicament, might I suggest a couple of ideas:

For some specific instructions go to this cool blog, they have tons more ideas too.

For the idea above, i took paper that I got from my wedding scrap booking album, they were leftovers that my mom did not use. I also stamped some of the plainer looking paper with stamps from our wedding (red cherry blossom *sigh*)... our wedding colors were red and white,  so it was perfect for our home which boasts a lot of red and tree figures :)

I love this site, because they have the how to on making your own starch decals (and tons of examples)! including the recipe :)

So, I know there are cool ideas out there, please feel free to inspire me by leaving a post below, It's much appreciated :)

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