Friday, February 7, 2014

Five Minute Friday- 'write'

I think this is hilarious, of all things that I would NEVER do, it's make an effort to robustly display my thoughts via the web. However, my friend Claygirlsings, encouraged me to take the five minute friday challenge to stop being so worried about what others think of my writing. What do you know, the first prompt is 'WRITE'.

If you are interested in taking this challenge or find out more, go here. (Lisa-Jo Baker's blog)

So, 'write':

5 minutes, go...I think that it's pretty funny that my first prompt is just 'write' seeing as it's the very thing I have a hard time being confident in. I don't even want to link up this post to the actual website... we'll see if i will. In talking, I don't speak in linear thought, it makes it very hard to communicate to friends and family. In fact, as a result, I sometimes have shied away from doing so because I believe it might be too much work for others ;)

However, writing is a bit more different. It gives me a chance to re think, rewrite, and come up with what I want to say. This process takes way longer, and often times, these days, i dont have time for that. Something else stops me, it's the fact that once I hit 'publish' I have put my thoughts and heart out for everyone to see, at least the ones who stop by on this page. And, THAT, is what I am afraid of. Being known through my words, written. Because, when I do actually take the time to write, it's what i have thought through, and put out.. no excuses on grammar or punctuation-it's my thoughts. What if someone reads it and thinks I'm stupid, naive, ignorant, arrogant, rude, etc...

OK, 5 minutes somehow turned into 7. and that's what I had time to put out there. Wow, that was exhilarating- I do this because I know that I shouldn't fear anything, but God! I need to get over whatever it is that keeps me from living real w/ people.

Next time, i hope to write more and hopefully, in my honesty, you are encouraged to take on this challenge. I'm sure you will do fabulous. don't forget to link up your blog to the host, Lisa-jo Baker's blog!

Thanks, Claygirlsings for the challenge! Now back to laundry... :)


  1. Woot-woot, Girl! So proud of you! Keep on writing... (and hardly anyone sticks to the 5 minutes. The first rule of FMF is there are no rules.)

  2. Hi new Five Minute Friday friend! I feel like God lead me over to your blog to encourage ya, let ya know that this writing you bless you & Him & others. Keep writing as you can! -Rachel,

    1. that is really encouraging rachel, thank you so much :D