Friday, February 21, 2014

5 minute Friday: SMALL

While I am waiting for my DIY pics to load, I figured I would write my 5 minute challenge. You can do this writing challenge by visiting LisaJoBaker's blog for 5 minute Friday.

Today the word is Small.


I am small, in light of this world. In light of God. Back in college, I believe the count of people on this planet was over 7* billion? So, I'm a 'small' amount of that.

The other day, I was talking with Jeremy about some recent events of tragedies all over the world. I told him, although I wasn't positive, that I thought that God looked down at his creation and thought that we were just as wicked as the time that He decided to destroy the earth. The only thing keeping us from that fate was His convenant.  I know this is incredibly negative thought, but there is just so much hurt happening all over. And I am small. And we: are a remnant.

Although just a remnant, a small amount, God looks down from heaven, and He puts Himself in us. THAT'S BIG. He wants to change this world through His people, for His purpose, His kingdom, His glory. Each one of His children has a mission. And even though that mission is finite for us, it has lasting implication because of what He can do with it.

The other day, I was listening to the radio, and it was a christian radio station so it was a testimony that came on (of course, right?). The story was of a man who preached the word, over and over again, to every city he came to in the South. One of those cities actually did not want him to preach in their town. So, he went outside the city, and he preached there, in a tent. On one of those nights, a young man came into the tent, and he accepted the Word planted that day, walking up at the altar call. He prayed and was saved. That young man was Billy Graham. As many people know, he would go on to faithfully preach himself, the Gospel, over and over, and through his ministry, MILLIONS would come to know their Savior.

Does anyone ever talk about the man who preached to Billy Graham? I don't even know his name, although I'm referencing his ministry. He was small. In this story, and really, in history. But, it's plain to see that God did something pretty amazing through him, which he got to take part in. In him being faithful to what God called him to, the weight of that Work that Christ did through him, is eternal.


Thanks for reading. Love yal!


  1. I love your post. I've heard that story before and although I don't know that man's name either, God does. And that's the point. I think so often we feel as though we can't do anything just being one person, but we can through Christ. I love Matthew West's new song, "Do Something." It speaks about this same subject. Thanks for sharing!

    1. thanks for your encouragement- living through Christ's strength and not mine is what I'm totally learning daily right now! thank you for visiting :)

  2. We are small, aren't we. Visiting from FMF

    1. thank you for visiting , this is all new to me!