Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring is almost here! Fun baby tunic upcycle

It's about a month away from Spring! I have been organizing more than usual this week. E and I watched the beautiful weather turn to thunder storm and loved it yesterday, which was followed by the birds tweeting. It's so sweet to see her experience another 'new' sound of nature (other than the neighbor dogs!).

In light of the coming warm weather (it got up to high 70s yesterday!), I had the itch to work on an upcycle I have been thinking about for awhile. I am pretty sure this is my first baby DIY I have done on here.... i think? I think it turned out cute, E is wearing it today :)

I cut off the bottom of this shirt and made that tube an infinity scarf for E. 

Cut off the  gathered neck hem of shirt, it's ok if it's fraying

It should look like this on both sides when you're done 

 fold neck hem in half, so it's even on both sides, turn inside out, and sew back seam

 it should look like this

I put a pleat in the shirt on the back side, so as to gather a more flowy look. After, I turned inside out, and sewed to the neck hem.

this is finished part

I cut off sides of shirt, to fit E's size, actually a bit big, because I want her to wear all spring/summer. I also added symmetrical armholes (fold shirt in half, and cut*) 

Turn inside out, and stitch sides

the length of back and front lent itself to a tunic look, so i curved the back of shirt to shirt-tail look. (fold shirt in half, and cut for symmetry)

The finished product looks like this, but I wanted to add some cute gathered sleeves. 

In between that, I cut off elastic arms of old shirt, and made into a headband*

cut sleeves from excess shirt material 

Snack break!

funny face!

I wanted to tie this to give it extra life w/ E. she's growing everyday! it's cute as a tie back!

warm sunny weather!

Here's what the sleeves looked like, I made a simple gather, turned them inside out to the garment and stitched to arm hole

Since this shirt was not a jersey knit, I needed to hem, you can do this by serger  or just hem zigzag  and roll hem for a quick clean look.

This shirt was pretty easy, it's cute, and i know E will get plenty of use out of it over the next 2 seasons to come! Here we come spring!

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